Penguin Book Cover Design
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Penguin Books is an all too brief Flickr Photoset of Penguin Book cover designs from decades past. For those interested, this book is highly recommended.
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More discussion.
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Deja vu. I was the first comment in NationalKato's linked thread - at the risk of repeating myself, "Penguin by design" is an awesome book. If you're a Penguinoholic like me, how can you be without?

/not employed by Penguin
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Cool! I have some of those...and some they don't. My favorite covers of all are by Signet, like this 1984.
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I was pleased when I posted the thread linked to by NationalKato that there were other Penguin lovers (so to speak) here - and even more pleased that some more pictures have been dug out. These are great - this is my favorite so far. (Although this one hasn't dated much, either).

On a different note, paging PenguinBukkake, paging PenguinBukkake...

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Those are great. I thought I was the only one who loved those retro paperback covers.
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What I would love to know is who the artists were. The artists who did these covers were brilliant.
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I love the Penguin Classics range; they look great together on bookshelf.
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Incidentally, the new Graphics Classics series of Penguin books is spectacular.
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