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SWEDEN.SE:Music gives you a selection of the best Swedish pop and rock music right now.
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I would also recommend Avi Roig's *excellent" itsatrap.com for some very excellent coverage of the Scandinavian music scene.

On the same note, how is it that Scandinavia has some of the best musical groups ever?!? Case in point: The Hellacopters.
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thanks comrade!
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Cool: thank you!
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I'm always finding myself on Swedes Please when I'm hankering for some Swedish pop goodness (give Hello Saferide a spin!)
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Sweden produces a lot of amazing rock/pop music that unfortunately, due to the language barrier, never crosses over. The anglicised metal tends to travel better.

Kent is one of my all time favorite bands, even though my Swedish comprehension is terrible. Isola is a thoroughly amazing album.
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Can't mention the Hellacopters (who rock), without also mentioning Gluecipher.
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Thanks, mr.marx. I will take all music recommendations you proffer (in fact, your playlist from a MeCha swap is the best-loved mix on my iPod).
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psmealey, Gluecifer is from Norway. As are Turbonegro, another fave of mine. Apparently this is a whole nother country from Sweden, but I think we can all agree that the Scandihoovians truly know how to rock. (And design stylish furniture.) As for Swedish garage rock, I still think the Hives provide the best reason to get up in the morning, or the afternoon, as the case may be.
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Great post (and links in the comments), thanks!
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AskMe: Why does so much good music come from Sweden and Belgium?

Sweden is the third largest exporter of music (relative to its population), at least in part due to the efforts of Export Music Sweden, a trade group.

My personal favorite (being 50% Swedish-American, I must have one): the departed Salt and Nina Ramsby.
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Swedish folk music rocks, too. Check out Garmena sometime.
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slimepuppy is right, Kent are amazing. Isola has been in my regular rotation for three years, and now that I finally live in a major population center I might be able to track down the rest of their releases.
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Thanks! I hadn't seen that particular one before.

I like listening to some of the Swedish radio stations online. P3 Svea (hit the play button for popup player) is current Swedish music too.

For some other P3 (i.e. music) channels, ones that include more hip hop and rock, and more alternative stuff, go to www.sr.se and click "Webbradio" on the top menu and you can listen to the various channels like "P3 Rockster", "P3 Street", etc.
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Apparently this is a whole nother country from Sweden

Fuck. Busted.
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Although, in my defense, I didn't say they were from Sweden. I simply said that you can't mention the Hellacopters without mentioning Gluecipher (Though I probably did think they were from Sweden).
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