Wolf no longer beats Nuke? WTF!
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He added to Rock, Paper, Scissors and came up with RPS-15 (with 15 signs) and then RPS-25 (yep, 25 signs). Then he added on to those games and made something "so complex, I highly doubt anyone will actually even want to attempt to play it." Dear lord, it's RPS-101. (Previously)
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In some ways this is less awesome than RPS-25. Two hand symboles? Animated gestures? RIDICULOUS
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Yeah, but the two-handed sign for "toilet" is priceless...
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Yeah, this is an extension of what had been worked on before.

Has anyone done anything with N-player RPS?

For example, 3-player RPS would require having a clear winner (and story) for any arbitary triad (rather than every combo). In RPS-5 for example there are 9 triads but as designed now (e.g. Spock-Scissors-Lizard) its a 3-way tie. Same with the original RPS-3.
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ANY tampering with the Holy Trinity of Rock, Paper, and Scissors falls well outside the canon and should be considered blasphemous.

Spock ears, dynamite, these multi-throw monstrosities mentioned here...they are all man's futile effort to avoid the TRVTH inherent in the power of the Three Sacred Throws.
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Can I just be the first to say:


This may be the single geekiest thing I have seen in MY ENTIRE LIFE.

And I say that as a measure of highest praise.
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*performs full double-Rimmer salute and passes out*
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Oh yeah, this was so needed because RPS wasn't working anymore. Next up? Tic-Tac-Toe in six dimensions with 8 different kinds of beans and a self destruct mechanism.

Or was it HopskotchCubed with poison puddles, deathchalk and hip checking?
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Or was it HopskotchCubed with poison puddles, deathchalk and hip checking?

... wait, since when is hip checking not part of Hopscotch?
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My friends and I came up with a great RPS variant, "Hunter, Hooker, Bear." You figure it out.
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Hooker eats Hunter, Hunter shoots (on) Hooker, Bear watches?
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RPS-101 is topical, too, as it has Snake(s) on a Plane as a possible outcome.
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My mom and her sisters used to play "Dog, Bone, Gun" when they were kids.

Wierd, morbid kids.
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I love how if you go all the way back to RPS 7 you can watch the madness evolve.

"...and in case this isn't weird enough, try RPS-9 next..."

".....Check out RPS-11 next..."

"...skip on ahead to the mental ward now, for RPS-15 still awaits..."


which takes you to RPS 25, wherein he says:
"And just for the record, armed with accurate math for a change, I calculated over 4 SEPTQUARDRAGINTILLION possible layouts for a 5,050 outcome RPS-101 game! That's a 4 with 144 zeros, and it should be noted that a googol only has 100. Still think I wanna figure that game out, knowing it's 9.58e+125 (quardragintillion) more complex than a Rubik's cube? Or maybe you'd just like to know where I'm finding the actual names of all these big numbers? :o)

UPDATE 10/6/2006: I rose to the challenge, broke my promise of being done variating Rock-Paper-Scissors, and decided to totally GO FOR BROKE... "
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I greatly miss the rock-paper-scissors programming contest. Here's a highlight of the report from 2001 when it was last held:
Naturally, many of the entries in the second contest were modeled on Iocaine Powder. Somewhat surprisingly, Dan Egnor's original program still finished third overall, despite the fact that everyone had access to documented source code, plus a nice description of the underlying ideas.
Sigh... I wonder how'd good ol' Iocaine Powder fare today.
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My kids totally do this on their own. Pac-man. Machinge gun. The best is Black Hole -- but since it beats everything, that pretty much ends the game.
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Toecutter, I hope they won't discover the game of tree-fluid. Now there's a time-waster.
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What can I do-diddily-doodily-diddly-hobbily-hibbily-gobbily-gobbily-gobble-gabba-gabba-hey
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Some kind of variant with reasonably different strengths between the various gestures would indeed be intriguing. The tendency to overlook the underdog could then be used against itself.

"Surely my nemesis thinks I won't choose Pocket Lint..."
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You've got Devil and Satan. Duck and Bird. *throws the sign for redundancy he just made up and beats the entire RPS-101 system*

Seriously, if you're going to roll something this nerdy out to the nerdiverse, you'd better check it for errors in continuity and cheap padding. The same nerds who are your audience are furious nitpickers.
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I'm unimpressed.

I just invented RPS-1024, and it requires 10 fingers to play.

have fun!
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[per person]
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Eideteker, although Satan can be referred to as the Devil, devil can also mean a subordinate demon, so Satan and devil can indeed be different things. As for duck and bird, when I hear "bird", I tend to think of ornithoids other than waterfowl, so let's give the kid a break!
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I must agree with First Post. Please take a look at the real deal.
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Am i missing something or could he have saved a lot of time making this chart blindfolded. I tend to think he just felt the need to pretend to vanquish septiquillion or whatever.
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RPS has a huge student following. Bath University RPS Society had 120 members one year...honestly.
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