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October 29, 2006 1:05 AM   Subscribe Election Consultants "provides unparalleled results by focusing on the outcome rather than the process. Using state-of the-art technology, we overcome the challenges of competition and ensure election results for our clients." (To make it even more evil, it's Flash-based) A food-for-thought satire or something more? When A reporter called the site's 800 number, the person who answered "said that he had been contacted by representatives of about 30 political campaigns to date." (I'm thinking sting operation to catch dishonest idiot politicians. Whad'ya think?)
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I'm sure this is a dupe, although I can't prove it... Maybe I saw it on metachat.
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Blazecock, one of the authors of that paper, Ed Felten, is quoted in the PC World article. Take a look.
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Ars Technica just had a thing on this too: How to steal an election by hacking the vote
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...the fine print: "Guarantee does not include precincts that use non-electronic voting equipment."
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Can This Machine Be Trusted?
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This machine kills liberals.
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U.S. Investigates Voting Machines’ Venezuela Ties

That, to me—especially being the top headline on the Drudge Report right now—is absolute proof that the Republicans are going to steal the elections.

Look, they'll say, we caught those commies trying to fix the election for the Demmycrats! Luckily, we caught this in time.

It's their modus operandi: take what is your own problem, and blame it on the other guy. Bush is a draft dodger, so we'll question Kerry's military service. We're the ones who're connected to the owners of the voting machines, so we'll pretend it's the Democrats who steal votes.

This headline killed any hope I had left.
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"EXCLUSION: guarantee does not include precincts that use non-electronic voting equipment"

(at the bottom of the text located on the top right of the page)

And indeed, the repugs ARE going to suddenly develop official doubts about the validity of the landslide they'll be buried under. That's the reason why Sludge and his ilk have suddenly become interested in the accuracy of voting machines. They didn't give a shit in 2004, but all of a sudden it's a subject of interest? Yeah, right.
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Eewwhh! I had no idea Drudge and I had a link in common. I'm going to take a shower.
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"...dishonest idiot politicians."

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Doubly so even.
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