Nigel Kneale dies
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Nigel Kneale dies.
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Although its been written about on a number of genre fan sites it hasn't been picked up by anyone in the mainstream news. I hope this is rectified soon, the man was a genius and certainly influenced decades of science fiction and fantasy. It's a tragedy that much of his tv work is missing.
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And I watched the film adaptation of Quatermass Experiment a few days ago.

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I want to see The Year of the Sex Olympics, that's for sure. Great tribute, right up until the author said "..combatting the foreigner.." Surely Quatermass isn't all about xenophobia in that sense?
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This s a big deal. I wonder what super-fan John Carpenter might do in response.
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I didn't know he was involved in the 1954 live broadcast adaptation of 1984. It's absolutely snapping with energy and tension, well worth watching if you ever get the chance.
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Nigel Kneale was a genius. The Stone Tape is one of the most legendary pieces of telly ever. As an impressionable teen, I was a happy member of the Society Of Doctor Who And Nigel Kneale.
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