"Things like that happen."
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Calling All Wingnuts blogger Mike Stark (previously discussed here) found himself in a fight with George Allen's staffers after asking the Senator an impertinent question about his first wife and sealed divorce file and court records.
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"Things like that happen," noted Allen, who has himself been taking a beating from challenger (and accused pornographer) Jim Webb (Webb's 2002 Op-Ed was discussed on MeFi here.)
posted by homunculus at 10:51 PM on October 31, 2006

Digby has, I think, the best piece of advice that no one on Allen's staff has ever given him: "If he doesn't want people gossiping about him spitting on his ex-wife, maybe he shouldn't spit at people all the time."
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Mike Stark outed GWB's DUI
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Found himself? He's publicly said that he's going to follow Allen around and ask him questions (ala Roger & Me) in order to get a rise out of him.

But George Allen is a pretty despicable asspappy who should be publicly ridiculed for his good ol' boy act and overt racism.
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I saw the video. Stark was being a dick, but the physical response was way over the top. He could have a pretty good case re: assault in court.

First rule of politics: Responding to that stuff the way Allen's henchmen did is what we call "taking the bait."
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More on Allen's spitting prowess.
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I thought the first rule of politics was never to get caught with a live boy or a dead girl?
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Here's Stark's letter regarding the incident to the Richmond Times-Dispatch.
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It was interesting to reread Webb's 2002 Op-Ed (via Greenwald) warning against the Iraq war. He really did see what was coming.
posted by homunculus at 12:00 AM on November 1, 2006

That VA race is seriously fucked up. I was worried after the excerpts of Webb's books, but since then his polls have actually gone up (Webb had a good response, and I guess the voters thought that charge was B.S. anyway)
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I was worried after the excerpts of Webb's books, but since then his polls have actually gone up

His pole is rising.
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Stark's letter to the Richmond Times-Dispatch is not the most eloquent writing, but what he has to say is important. I'm tired of these "good ol' boys" running our country. That's coming from a girl who comes from a long line of "good ol' boys." Now, our family has become a matriarchy of city girls. Maybe that's what our goverment needs to become.
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Unlike most Democrats, Webb didn't apologize. He simply pointed out the hypocrisy of Republicans like Lynn "Lesbian Sex Scenes" Cheney.

Another lesson to be learned.
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I thought the first rule of politics was never to get caught with a live boy or a dead girl?

Yeah, its called the "Foley-Condit Dictim".
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Another video of the Charlotesville incident available here.
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>>Yeah, its called the "Foley-Condit Dictim".

Ha ha. You said "Dictim."
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Dictim? I hardly knew 'im!
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I thing bardic is right on--Stark was being overly aggressive, himself, but the reaction from the Allen supporters (were they staffers?) was way over the top.
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found himself in a fight

Found himself in a fight? This was an assault that resembled a quarterback sack, not a two-way fight. Stark got tackled by Allen's staffers for asking a question Allen didn't like. Fuck your "impertinence"! If we can speculate about the curvature of Bill Clinton's penis, nothing is too impertinent to ask any politician. Nothing.
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Disagree bardic and MrMoonPie. Make sure you see the video that shows the whole thing, there are a couple of edits floating around.

1) Stark isn't interrupting the rally. He's waited till Allen is taking questions.

2) He doesn't really get that close to him, the staffers interpose pretty quickly. I'm sure they recognize the guy on sight by now.

3) He doesn't even raise his voice till he's being dragged away.

Now which part of that is being overly aggressive, besides asking an uncomfortable question?

The truly despicable part is that Allen stood there and watched the whole thing. Hardly noble leadership, it's cowardly.
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Fuck your "impertinence"!

How rude!
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For the record, I found this incident totally predictable; he was trying to get a rise out of Allen, and it's hardly a surprise that Allen's staffers are thugs. But I certainly don't think it was justified, and I'm glad that Stark is pressing charges. "Found himself in a fight" was my way of trying to put it somewhat neutrally, and "impertient" was tongue in cheek.

The most irritating thing about this is how the media has dismissed Stark as a heckler. I suspect they're just pissed off because they feel he's invading their turf.
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The fact that he was trying to get a rise out of Allen is absolutely immaterial. If you're going to hold yourself up and above the masses - then you gotta stay there. People ARE going to try to piss you off and tear you down. It's a fact of life.

In a civilized forum, violence is NEVER an acceptible response to a non-violent confrontation, no matter how obnoxious the person is being.

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Godwin's Law works for on-line discourse, but it should not be applied to public, real-world political discourse.

Because there's a perfectly good label to describe politicians like George Allen who use goons to beat up their opponents.

It's just too bad that Godwin's Law has made us reluctant to apply the label that fits.
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Charlottesville Police Department is investigating the Allen campaign's assault on blogger Mike Stark. And Senator Allen is among those the cops want to question.
"Now, police are trying to identify everyone in the video. Chief Longo says, 'We have identified a number of people we need to have a discussion with at some point in the next day or so.'

Among those people who will be interviewed, as a witness to the scuffle, will be Senator Allen himself. Investigators say there are still a lot of unanswered questions.

Chief Longo says, 'Was it contact made in self defense or defense of another or unprovoked which would certainly give rise to criminal conduct.'

Charlottesville Police say they plan to present the findings of their investigation to the commonwealth attorney in the next few days."
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Olbermann interviews Stark
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To be continued.
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