The fortynine days of death
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BardoThodal the tibetian book of the dead, a way of life.This is what happens on the 49th day of our being dead. If you do not escape the Matrix, the day after you are inside a woman's womb. part one part two (Google video)
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I have no idea...
posted by phrontist at 11:35 PM on October 31, 2006

OK, so I die, then 49 days later I make pastries inside a woman's womb? How does the dough get in there?
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Well, hell. I didn't escape for about 270 days. To make matters worse, I have no idea what iteration I'm on.
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Well. Can't say I understood it, but I loved it.
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i have a translation of the tibetian book of the dead, i have yet to really read through. so this was a good intraduction.
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I read the W.Y. Evans-Wentz translation some years ago. My copy is a paperback.

Thank you, hortense, for posting this. Since it is a doctrine that saves by hearing, although I've read it, does anyone have a link to the whole ritual audio?

I might like it to be played when the time comes. Perhaps I shan't shrink from liberation if they get it loud enough.

As I understand it, in Tibetan tantric Buddhism new texts may introduce themselves in their time, found as revealed, as this once was. That's interesting.
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