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The first chapter of Eric Schlosser's new book piqued my interest; this and this solidified my desire to read Fast Food Nation. Has anyone else read the book yet? Comments?
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Picked it up last week and have had the time to read the first few chapters which have been really interesting. It's been focused on McDonald's in the beginning, but there's been a good discussion of the parallels of McDonald's and Disney. In the way that they market to kids, marketing in general, the brand recognition that they concentrated on creating, and so forth. Two tidbits that amaze me, and these apparently come from McDonald's headquarters, so listen with a grain of salt. First, 25% of the US population eats at McDonald's every day. Second, 0.5% of the *world's* population eats at McDonald's every day. That's staggering. McDonald's is the largest purchaser of beef, potatoes, and pork in the US.

Lot's of good stuff in the book and I'm glad that I picked it up.
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I just read a good review of the book in the Washington Post.
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what am i missing? why is mcdonald's the largest purchaser of pork in the us?
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McRib? Milkshakes?
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McMuffins, bacon for burgers. I remember a few years ago when one of its new bacon burgers (name?) was a hit and the commodities market for pork went nuts.

Personally, I haven't been to a McDonald's since baseball season and am determined to make 2001 a McDonald's-free year and take it from there. No compromise!
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I just started the book. Should be fun... of course, in the last 15 years I've eaten at McDonald's twice. So there's no skin off my back.
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Math check!

270,000,000 * 0.25 = 67,500,000
6,000,000,000 * 0.005 = 30,000,000

I'm going to call bullshit on the 25% figure. That's my guess.
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At 12,800 U.S. franchises, that's 5,273 customers a day. I think you're right: That's a little on the high side, though I have no doubt that many urban locations clog that many arteries in a day.
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1 burger = 1 customer ? Could be the flaw in the numbers.
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Another book to read along with this one is The McDonaldization of Society.
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i reviewed it for the philadelphia weekly a few weeks ago.

(warning: self-link due to the weekly's archives not being up-to-date)

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