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Dandelife. Q: "Why would I want to keep my biography on the Internet?" A: "Stories are best shared, don't you think?" [from the about page] describes itself as a "social biography network." It allows you to construct an annotated timeline of your life, add photographs (it works with Flickr, with which is shares design elements) and links. Example here; via
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| Born... | Dreaded PE... | True Love... | Dread Pirate... | Mostly Dead... | Happily Ever After... | Dead
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seems like a wikipedia about regular people.
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I could put my biography on the net. It could cure insomnia better than Ambien chased with vodka.
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Yeah, good thing this exists so we can read stories like "The time my parents thought I broke my virginity" (broke?) by the site's creator.

I hope he gets bought out by Google so that he doesn't have to sit through a job interview with someone who searched for his name and found that.
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interesting in a 'why didn't i think of that' kind of way.
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My husband DID think of that, ha. Though not as a multiperson thing. He has had a life timeline on his website--jobs worked, places lived, people lived with, music listened to/created, cars owned, and schools attended.

He kept trying to get a programmer friend of ours to turn it into an application for others, but no dice. Oh well.
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So if you blow on the Dandelife, will little bits of your life fly all over the internet?
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crazy...i was just wishing for something like this. i'm making "fact sheets" (much like what your husband did, emjaybee) for my parents... addresses, education, jobs. i didn't think about cars... i'm not sure if i like the interface though.

i think it would be cooler to do something map based (a google map overlay?) than a timeline... or maybe have both and you can switch back and forth.
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Not to bad for those who like to write about themselves, but I'd add a geotag code to each post so you can view by time or location.
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I'd add a geotag code to each post so you can view by [...] location.


(Life (n): The process of attaching unpleasant memories to physical locations)
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MIght be good therapy. I've done it myself in my own way. But why would I want to go public with it and ruin the illusion I have created for my present set of friends. They have no idea that I am in reality a self-serving, bumbling idiot, stumbling through life as best I can.
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