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100+ authoritative research sources that are available online. Various topics, real info. Think of it as a kind of do-it-yourself AskMe, or you know, a research library.(via Making Light)
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Handy! Thanks Lobster.
posted by Mister_A at 12:25 PM on November 3, 2006

Very handy. But why no
posted by vacapinta at 12:29 PM on November 3, 2006

Cool. Swiped and forwarded about my library! Thanks!
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Cool, this is worth it just for HighWire Press from Stanford.
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Damn, I hope it rains this weekend. Thanks!
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That's great, but they miss two of the greatest research resources freely available on the net: Google Books and (Amazon books). I've consistently found more information from these sources than any other (at least in writing Wikipedia articles). Which makes sense, they are scanned repositories of millions of books. Books are the best sources. Journals second, which can be found at JSTOR and elsewhere through a library.
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Cheers all - I'm in SteveinMaine's camp. Oh, the nerdy deliciousness.

And vacapinta, yeah, that does seem to be a glaring omission.

If anyone else thinks of stuff that's missing, post it here and I will collect all the additional sources and email the authors of the page I posted.
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The website I work on is on that list. Rock.
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Rock rock--the first website I ever worked on is also on that list.
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Wowsers. I was going to post to AskMe looking for a list just like this, you've saved me the trouble. My thanks to you! They're missing a few good ones I'll try to dig up when I'm less sleepy.
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You owe me a new seat cushion.
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So. Very. Cool. Danke!
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This page + firefox copy all links extension = one awesome pile o' bookmarks. Ta!
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This is cool. Bookmarked! : )
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seriously. cool.
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You've just made me very happy. Thanks so much!
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Some of these are useful, many are not very useful ... and many have very funky interfaces.

Most libraries have access to wonderful databases these days. Check your library's website; as a library patron you may be able to access powerful databases that are inaccessible otherwise. If you live near a good college, if you're not a student, you may be allowed to be a "community" patron, and access the college's databases ... which may be deeper than those at city/public libraries.
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Yeah, but my library is full of chronic masturbators.

And I'm kinda not allowed back there.

Damn you, Carl Monday!
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