Picasso and the Minotaur - an animated short
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Minotauromaquia - a stop motion animated short set to Stravinsky's in which Picasso confronts the minotaur and some other painted characters come to life. The image of the Minotaur is a recurring symbol of self in Picasso's works. (main link via Milinkito [more])
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oops- that was Stravinsky's Der Feurvogel.

More on the paintings and symbolism in this clip.

Animation of Guernica and other 20th century art - I think this ran previously on Mefi, but I couldn't find it.

Guernica and previously on Mefi - From Guernica to Fallujah and The Power of Art

Paul en Arlequin and Picasso's Harlequin

Portrait of Olga in an Armchair and The story of Olga

Portrait de Dora Maar and Dora Maar, previously on Mefi

Les demoiselles d'Avignon - good info on the painting from Wikipedia

Picasso's Dove and Picasso's birds
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I'm only halfway through your links, madamjujujive, but had to stop in and say thank you. this is a perfect post for a Sunday afternoon.
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Mmmm...darkly symbolic stop motion...delicious.

And thanks for the annotations, too.
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mmmm...creepy goodness - thank you
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Goya's series of Tauromachia etchings, Picasso's inspiration for his Minotauromachia work.
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The Minotauromachy will be on display starting in a few weeks in L.A.
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Aaaah! madamjujujive...

always delightful. :-)

I have something for you (NSFW warning):

Marie-Thérèse in Picasso's Le rêve and in cyn's Picasso's The Dream at Worth1000. If possible, view them side by side.
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Very cool, bru - thanks. That person at Worth did a great job on that. That's one of my favorite portraits, but until recently when someone pointed it out, I never saw that the upper portion of her face above was a penis. Hah, now I can't imagine how I missed it!

interrobang, I never made that connection before! Thank you. And thank you, scody, for the heads up ... wish I had the time and funds to go see that exhibit. I love Picasso. I've been fortunate enough to have visited Picasso museums in Paris, Barcelona, and Antibes ... even though his works are pretty ubiquitous, it's great to see them in places that put them in chronological context to see how his work evolved - that's how I started developing a love for some of the works that I originally found extreme.

This little video reminds me very much of of Yeats' Circus Animals' Desertion.
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THAT, is how to make a YouTube post. Awesome!!!!!
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I just read this story about the owner of Le Reve and how he put a hole in this $48 million portrait by Picasso - Nora Ephron was a witness to the event.
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Phew! That was close. I just stumbled on his site and came here to post it. I'm very happy you put Minotauromaquia in the description.
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