Immortal Illustrated Stories
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Amar Chitra Katha were the comics of my youth. Illustrated painstakingly with loving details, the immortal epics and stories of India going back over 5000 years were crystallized in these thin graphic novels. I will always remember Mirabai, for the romance between her and the god of love and war, Krishna. And Chanakya, aka Kautilya, author of the Arthashastra but better known to me for his Nitishastra - niti means political ethics. But other nitishastras include the famous Panchantra [pdf], the equivalent of Aesop's Fables for India, a textbook of 'niti' or the wise conduct of life.
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aargh that's Panchatantra
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Lovely post! I've only seen tantalizing bits and pieces of these, never knew what they were called or where to look them up. I'll be digging through the links all night-- thanks!
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Wow, what a coincidence... Just a few weeks ago I went to an Indian Festival for the first time in my city and was browsing through some of these at a booth. I was really fascinated to see the kinds of tales children in other cultures read growing up. Thanks for your post!
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Wow! I didn't know you could order these! I picked up piles of them when visiting India in the 70s -- my children grew up on those stories. I think they still have some of the originals somewhere.

I think I will get some for my grandchildren; my grandson is especially intrigued by the stories around Ganesha.

Bahut Dhanyavad! Shukriya!
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That's awesome! I had a couple of these as a kid and they were a fascinating counterpoint to the Bible comics that played more-or-less the same role for Christian-heritage Europeans. Sadly, I can't find a link to the series. I think the illustrator was Italian.

Amusingly, the Google results for 'bible comics' return the Perry Bible Fellowship as link numero uno.

I also had some Chinese comics in English - a beautifully illustrated Maoist children's narrative of the revolution in which the brave Communist son returned from the Long March to chase the running dog landlord out of town with much smacking of the bamboo quarterstaff, and a pretty cool, graphically modern adaptation of "The Journey to the West," the tale of how the Monkey King brought Buddhism to China.
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thank you :) I'm glad they made you as happy as I have been digging through all the links and reminiscing :)
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Sita Sings the Blues
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awesome. i remember reading these as a kid too.
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Yay! I have a small collection of these, which are freely available in Indian spice shops in Sydney.

Also, cheers for homunculus, for taking another opportunity to spread Nina Paley's magnificent Sitayana, in case anybody has been unfortunate enough to miss it to date.
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Excellent stuff, I really love these comics, great to see that they're now available online.
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I was an exchange student in India, and Amar Chhitra Katha comics helped me get up to speed on Indian history and culture. One of the things I loved most about them is that they covered all the religions.

I ordered a bunch a year ago, and have been trying to get some of the local public libraries to carry them. I'd go broke buying them all, otherwise.
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Fantastic, my Gran brought back a load of these from India when I was a kid and I loved them. I remember being frustrated at not being able to follow the bigger storyline - I only had two or three of them.
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Also wanted to add my thanks for posting this. I remember flipping through comics like these (or it may have actually been these comics, my memory's fuzzy) at my friend's house years ago and being disappointed when I had to go home because I wanted to read more. I'd forgotten all about them until now. I might look into ordering some.
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my lifelong sorrow is that my original collection going back to 1973 was given away by mom to someone's kid when i went away to school.
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Nifty. Rich post.
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I used to read these back when I was here and looked like this:
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This post owns. Thanks for bringing back memories.
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ha ! that's a good one
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