There is Unrest in the Galactic Senate...
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There is Unrest in the Galactic Senate... The gang at TheForce.Net have posted the (current) version of the opening crawl of Episode 2. Big-time Spoilers within, but you know you want to...
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By the way, the first line has been earlier noted by Harry and Moriarty of AICN. Of course the text is still subject to change, but what's written at TF.N corresponds with all spy reports I've read previously.
posted by kevincmurphy at 10:19 AM on January 31, 2001

Ick, Hype.

Last time, there was so much information floating around about what happened, and what this was about that people knew what was going to happen way in advance. There's nothing wrong with getting information about the movie, but after reading so much, I find there's less to see when the movie itself finally comes out. That would be like reading the novel to Hannibal 2 days before the film's release, just so one can say they've got the scoop on things.

I commend AICN for what they do and how they do it. I just want to steer clear of the hype this time around.
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A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away....

George Lucas, once a brilliant young filmmaker, had, due to a sequestered, ivory tower existence, lost his mind, and all touch with his fan base, not to mention global social politics. As a result, he produced a series of prequels to his earlier masterworks. These prequels uniformly sucked much ass. In fact, they were barely films at all, but toy commercials, lacking in logic, characterization, and charm. They still managed to rake in untold bazillions of dollars, mostly from socially retarded geek-boys, trying desperately to recapture their lost youths. Thus was the evil Lucas rewarded for his laziness, and in no way discouraged from leaving his ivory tower, where he lived to be a very old, very rich, man. Legend holds that sometimes, just after you've bought yet another "collectable" Plastic Extra Special Super Duper Limited Edition Not-Available-In-Stores We-Mean-It-This-Time cup from Burger King, you can hear his laughter echoing through the windy hills of California.
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Was Lucas really ever more than a sincere hack? (no)
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rodii: would you stop worshiping me if I were to point out that THX1147?
I'd hate to loose a potential devotee.
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David, I'll never stop worshipping you. Luckily, I don't worship you because you're *right*. THX is basically a rehash of any number of dystopian novels, innit? What's to like?
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No. Not really. I saw it a couple of years ago. Admitedly it didn't leave a huge impression but at no point when I was watching it did I sense that it was a compromise. I tried to watch the Return of the Jedi on video yesturday and I just couldn't. there's so much wrong with it. I don't get that feeling with Starwars or Empire or THX 1138 (note that this is the correct name, I got a bit confused above). I thought that THX was visually stimulating and noncompromising. I liked the fact that the bad guys lost in the end because they ran out of money. It's not exactly a rehash of things either. there are differences. Maybe I should obtain it on video and attempt a proper review.
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Jeesh, guess it's been a long time since I've seen it. All I really remember is a guy climbing out of a manhole at the end. (?)
posted by rodii at 8:22 PM on February 1, 2001

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