There may be maps for these territories.
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Strange maps: the start of a collection of curious cartography found online, be they historic, quirky, practical or fictional.
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Aw gee, these make me glow with nerdy delight. Thanks.
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Great post. I'm all a-twitter.
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That map of Manhattan is very useful looking, indeed.
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Nice find!
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My favourite geographic anomaly - the South Australia - Victoria - New South Wales border kinks and folds back on itself for a few kilometers, then heads due north again.
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Magnifique! I'm particularly partial to the United States of Greater Austria.
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Oh, and you want messy borders and enclaves, check out the Ferghana Valley.
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Where's my map of Qwghlm?
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Outstanding! Thank you.
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I love this site, wow. Thanks a lot myopicman.

For those that love the crazy maps, I highly recommend the book You Are Here by Katharine Harmon.
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Excellent! Thanks!
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Istanbul: "Damn her, the whore! Sleeping with the Turks"

Couldn't have said it better myself. That's a great map, right there.
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Thanks for this.

But, one minor quibble.

I think that there is no such thing as a fictional map; there are only fictional places. And it may even be that there are no true maps, only real places. If so, then perhaps there are really no strange maps after all, unless they are fictional, and no strange places, unless of course they remain unmapped.
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Jimbob, that one's not bad but I prefer the map of Australia's inland sea (small flash presentation).

I discovered the wonderful strange maps site last week via another site worthy of a plug, Great Map.
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That map is brilliant, peacay...


Delta of Australia!
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Baarle-Nassau/-Hertog on Google Maps.
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Let's hope Belgium and the Netherlands never go to war with each other.
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