The Toriton Plus - Water and light music interface.
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The Toriton Plus A new electronic music interface using water and light. (YouTube). Make your own. From Little-Scale, which is chock-full of cool and wonderous stuff.
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Cool. Thanks!
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I'm an old school analog synth guy from the 70s, and that was the interface one of my teachers dreamed of having.

Not water per se, but essentially something that would function non-tactile-ey in open space.
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that is teh hotness!!!

Don Buchla would be proud.
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ooh, and ahh.
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Little-Scale is a really neat site.
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The toriton plus was really cool, as does the rest of the blog.
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I was able to play with something similar that was on display at an art event in Bushwick, Brooklyn over the summer, called Mocean. Making music by running your fingers through water is very fun.
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