Michinima 2006!
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Fans of Flight Simulators and Michinima might be familiar with the adventures of Bill and John. If you're not, download episode 1 along with the subtitles and and familiarize yourself with a very funny piece of machinima, even more impressive because it's not only in Lock On: Modern Air Combat, but in French to boot. Well they're back, winning Best Picture at the Machinima 2006 film festival, The Adventures of Bill Et John II. Browse the rest of the nominees and winners on the Machinima.com festival page.
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For the would-be bubbleheads in our studio audience, I've also enjoyed a previous product of theirs, Sub Command. Great fun, especially when I've played online against actual BTDT "drivers" who thoroughly kicked my @$$. TMA (target motion analysis), even with the software assisting me, is something of a black art, and what's more, you never quite know what's lurking behind the next undersea upside-down ice ridge until you get a sudden "Transient! Transient! Torpedoes in the water, bearing zero three seven!" call and realize you've been skunked yet again. Good times, good times. :o)
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Michinima (noun): new works of fiction created using only characters from the novels of James Michener
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I have no idea what pax digita is saying but it sounds hot.
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Oh, come on, jonson. Michener's books don't have any characters in them. That's just silly.

And aren't these guys actually French, Lord_Pall? They do the police in their own voices, then, right?
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To digress, Sub Command was Sonalysts. Check out Dangerous Waters if you want a more recent version of it (plus flyable air platforms)
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Well, hell, I thought Ubisoft and Sonalysts collaborated on Sub Command and it came out in an Electronic Arts wrapper. There's so many different concerns involved in bringing these things to market, it's like with the movies or something -- three or four different brand names/logos for one bit of stuff.

basicchannel: Just riffing on Tom Clancy a little. Heh.
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Very nice. Thanks.
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