The Silent Penultimate Panel Watch
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The Silent Penultimate Panel Watch Each and every day a comic strip abuses the use of the silent second-to-last panel.
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I just found this today because of the Mary Worth thread below. I love these single-issue blogs. I love the Internet.
posted by Bookhouse at 9:37 PM on November 12, 2006

That's interesting. I missed it in the Mary Worth thread, and saw it linked somewhere else. Funny old world.
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I agree. This is a good example as any of what the Internet is all about. No matter how micro the obsession, someone is out there covering it for you! Thanks boo.
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I wouldn't say you missed it. It was a link on a blog that was linked to on the thread.

I was aware that this was a convention, but it's amazing that he finds examples almost every day.
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What I want to know is, what the hell happened to the dude who used to do those Garfield deconstructions? No updates since October? Did MetaFilter break him?

Oh, and thanks, boo_radley. I too am fascinated by the depth of folks' focuses (foci?) when something fascinates them.
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FTA: "I thought I had successfully ridded the comics world of thoughtless, useless silent penultimate panels."

Dear Matt Gill-
Useless? They're pacing devices! Are ellipses or paragraph breaks useless? If you said that they were cliche or overused I might cut you some slack. Useless? Please. Scott McLeod devoted an entire chapter in Understanding Comics to the subject of pacing in sequential art. Will Eisner could could, at this very moment, write a more insightful blog on the subject of pacing in sequential art than you ever will. And he's dead! I can appreciate that your OCD demands constant outlet, but please choose a subject that you can speak on with some measure of authority, lest you look more a fool than you already do.
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I think we could probably take care of this by just pointing out that every print-syndicated comic is incredibly horrible, and moving on...
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I think these silent penultimate panels are Good Things. As the reader, you can make them last as long as you want - trap the strip's characters in an hour-long awkard lull, if that's your choice. Plus, you'll be needing a few silent panels in order to fill out your hand of 5-Card Nancy.
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1. Notice silent penultimate comics panels.
2. Start blog about it.
3. ???
4. Profit!
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I think your're frothing a little unnecessarily there, lekvar. He does mention the occasional SPP that works, and praise it.
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lekvar: You may be misreading. I think he means not that all SPPs are useless but that his goal is to eliminate the "thoughtless, useless" ones.

I could be wrong. But he does go out of his way to, say, repeatedly praise a few including the SPP a used by Charles Schulz. Take time to read a few of his entries and you'll see what I mean.
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Stavros, you kinda blew it... step 3 should have been empty. :)

I think I'd pay more attention to his opinion if he actually had, you know, gotten people to pay him money for his comics for a few years.
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What about the "double-take" in comedies? Bah! We could save about five minutes of celluloid on each Abbott and Costello feature. Easily.

Reference too dated? Oy! I'll siddown.
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This week in Garfield is just disgusting. They've turned the comic strip into a broken-record sitcom in its 15th season.

Uh, I mean, "We're bachelors, baby"! Ho-hoooo, hilaaarious!
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I'm just grateful he doesn't use "penultimate" to mean "really ultimate."
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kirkaracha: Agreed. I did notice that he took Jonny Hart to task for doing just that.
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My favorite Garfield MetaFilter thread. Too bad so many of the images are busted.
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I was just thinking...

I don't think that word means what Jonny Hart thinks it means.
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Garfield, you cold have a peter in your mouth.
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Funniest line of Achewood, Eideteker.
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This guy needs to get a girlfriend. The silent take is comedy gold!
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We're bachelors, baby!
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