Rethinking Mad Cow Disease
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Rethinking Mad Cow Disease So ususually when I see a story about an "amateur scientist" who has an "alternative theory" to some issue, I get all gooshy inside waiting to see what insane theory it is this time, but this guy has what seems to be a very credible alternative explanation for BSE/CJD occurrences and some credible science to back him up.
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Wanna read about it (I just LOVE mad cows) but give me another URL or some search terms so I can find the story elsewhere. The NYT is one of those damaged sites that make you register before you can even look. Thanks.

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Here's a link to his testimony before the BSE Inquiry, and this is an interview with him from 1996. Also various links at

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We do know that BSE can be spread by injecting infected brain tissue into a healthy cow, and we know that prion diseases can cross between species the same way. So presumably this organophosphate isn't necessary for BSE to develop.

I suppose it's possible that it might contribute to the onset of BSE. I don't know--it still sounds like quackery to me, but now I'm intrigued.
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Purdey says we should distance ourselves from ``the men in bow-ties'' who have what he calls a monopoly on thought.

The, uh, men in bow ties? Now there's a sinister image(?)
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As far as I'm aware, there is no connection between eating beef and Mad Cow disease. Between eating cow brain and MC is a definite possibility, but the whole beef crisis in Europe smells as fishy as the European hysteria over totally-safe GE-food.

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The, uh, men in bow ties? Now there's a sinister image(?)

Never listen to a man in a bow tie. (that was lisa and my favorite line in State and Main, because our western civ prof wears bowties all the time.)
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