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When Everybody Called Me Gah-bay-bi-nayss - an ethnographic biography of Paul Peter Buffalo, son of Ojibwa medicine woman and grandson of the great chief Pezeke. Buffalo died in 1977, but spent his last dozen years chronicling his heritage and the things the elders told him. Be sure to check out the entry on John Smith, a wonderful character more popularly known as Wrinkle Meat.
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I've just skimmed this but it's really fascinating, thanks. One to bookmark and spend a lot of time reading.
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(Wild) West of the Beeb, indeed! How do you unearth these gems, madam? Your ratio of hits to whiffs puts the severed head of Ted Williams to shame.
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Jeebus, I was googling for Wrinkle Meat just a couple of days ago, but I hadn't seen this link in a few years, so I was searching "Wrinkle Face" Thanks, M'dam... this is enough to satisfy the ex-Algonkian linguist that hides in all of us for weeks....
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cool. i have a place in the UP of michigan, which is originally ojibwe territory. i guess they haven't put the audio on the web yet? thank you.
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Style is what destroyed the mind of the people. All the people care about is cars, nice cars. Everybody says, "Before I get a cow, I gotta get a nice car." First of all they buy a car -- before they get cattle or anything they could use in the future. That's wrong to buy a car first of all.(23) It's all right to have a car, but have your own place first, and then get a car that you could use. And use it right! Use it only when you want to use it, and not for running around just to see what the others are doing or what's going on. That car costs money to run. It's eating all the time, every time you turn that wheel.

But when you stay on the farm and occupy your farm, and when you're putting money on the cattle, hogs, chickens, or something, they're growing. They're growing and increasing their price all the time. That's the way the cream is coming for your living purposes. And your crop is coming for your living. We don't consider that now, no. But what does a car do? It eats up your living. It endangers your life.

Prudent household economy summed up.
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Um, just WOW! Thx, mjjj!
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I've loved the Ojibwe since reading the (fictional) work of Louise Erdrich. Thanks for the link, I can't wait to dig in!
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Thanks for pointing to this introduction to Gaabebines. It would be wonderful to be able to listen to some of the taped interviews online, if UMN will consider putting some up in future.

Some readers may be interested in the Internet Public Library's Native American authors section.

Here for example are the Ojibwe authors. Look around, you'll also find stuff under Anishinabe and Anishinaabe!
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