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Flash friday fun for those who dislike seasonable vegetables. From the great bloggorrah.
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scored 770 - Loved the parody song, silly play, but I can't get behind hating brussels sprouts. Fresh ones, cut in half, with some olive oil and salt. Yum.
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I smacked my fist on that table until the duck fell off the wall and my party crown fell down over my eyes. My fork and plate rattled and the table was soon covered with the blood and guts of broken sprouts. Before long I had taken the lives of 89 evil-natured vegetables and racked up a score of 890, but it was not enough. All it took was three sprouts in my mouth, and that open the gates for a full-on onslaught. I felt my face turn green and I collapsed to the floor.

In the meantime, Eat Your Peas.
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I eat sprouts with butter, garlic powder, and siracha sauce.
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good ending
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i get one punch and that's it. stops working after that.
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Very cute, but I, too, like Brussels sprouts. I find soy sauce is the way to go.
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Brussel sprouts make me go fffrrrrttt....
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Huh. Last night at an early Thanksgiving feast with the neighbors, a good part of our dinner table conversation was about how incredibly good brussel sprouts were, especially those we were enjoying at the time. Brussel sprouts can be bad, and can be good. It's up to the chef to get good ones (i.e. not frozen) and then prepare properly. Yum indeed.

Nice game. Freaky teeth.
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