Two Atriplex albums finally released!
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Two Atriplex albums finally released! [via mefi projects] If, like me, you're a Fripp and Eno fanboy - give our very own Jimbob a listen. Lovely work.
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Jimbob, I just tried to sling you ten euros with my Visa card, and my transaction was declined (twice). You might want to follow that up.
posted by flabdablet at 3:17 AM on November 22, 2006

Might want to seed those torrents, too. Plenty of peers, no seeds.
posted by flabdablet at 4:20 AM on November 22, 2006

I <3 Jimbob!

(Or, as I prefer to call him, Track Number 14.)
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Hmm the Paypal and seeding is all managed by the site - hope it's working better for some people trying to download, I've found Jamendo to be fairly good when I've downloaded other people's albums.
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Well, it's not working well at all for me. I've had Azureus running all night, it's got multiple peer connections on both torrents (initiated both locally and remotely, so I know my firewall's configured right) but nobody has any pieces and there aren't any seeds.

Also, the only currency I can choose is Euros, and I don't get the option of using Paypal; I only get offered Cetrel, which doesn't give me a way to fill in the account name on my Visa card - they only ask for the card number, expiry date and verification code. My transactions always get declined, and I'm pretty sure this will be because my bank won't hand out my money to somebody who doesn't quote my account name.

Firefox 2.0 with NoScript set to allow Jamendo and Cetrel, Ubuntu 6.10.

Jamendo is costing you custom!
posted by flabdablet at 2:47 AM on November 23, 2006

This is nice stuff, thanks for sharing it!
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The torrents are seeded now, if anybody else has been having trouble. Also, Jamendo sent me a nice letter explaining that they're currently in the process of getting Paypal happening for worldwide payments. All is well!
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I'll look into that flabdablet - very strange. I was going to suggest you should have made this post about Jamendo, rather than about me, because I think it's a great service...but if it's got this may bugs maybe it's not so great. Anyone know other places with a similar mission to Jamendo where one might host their albums?
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No joy for me, either - I've tried three different Bittorrent clients, and while they all show 1 seed and 3 peers, none of them would start downloading. Azureus asks you to 'select the best matching encoding' (UTF-8, MacRoman, &c.) which might be the problem.

Afraid I don't have any alternatives to suggest, Jimbob - shame, as the 'free but with the option to donate' model is a good one (even if the niche distribution methods are completely daft, assuming you actually want non-geeks to hear the music).
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Azureus and BitTornado both worked for me for a while last night when a seed was available, jack_mo. I've left BitTornado running on an always-on 512/128 ADSL box, which is better than nothing; if Jimbob can seed both torrents for long enough for me to get complete copies, I will keep them seeded until Jamendo sorts itself out.
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