Cutest Drummers Ever
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Igor Falecki is a pretty rockin' four-year-old drummer. But his legacy may one day be undone by this little one. (First two links = YouTube)
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Other kids playing instruments (with varying degrees of success) can be found here.
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neither of them are really all that good. I'm 22, and i'd say I'm at LEAST 11 times better than the 2 year old.
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He's better than the saxophone player.
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Pretty tight. Cantaloupe Island (good standard, like Watermelon Man MK II). Better than the tenor's phrasing and cooler than the bass player by dint of him sporting a five-string (-1,000 Cool Points).
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Maybe they're not great, but you have to admit - they are pretty darn cute.
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Yeah? Yeah? Well, well, my kid could sing Mike Doughty at age two. So there.
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Cutest drummer? Hands down, it's Terry Bozzio!
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Speaking as a drummer/percussionist for most of my life, though never professional but serious enough for music school (for a while), Igor has talent but his playing is strange because of it. His precociousness makes him pretty good (in relative terms) at some things—basically his tempo and sense of beat—but leaves him untouched in other ways—basically advanced coordination. It's that four-year old body, I bet. His sixteenth notes are awful, they sound like someone who's just started to learn to play. But he has a far better sense and control of simple syncopated rhythms—expressed mostly between hi-hat and snare—than someone's who's just started to learn to play. So I suspect that if he keeps playing (and listening), then as his body matures in the next two years he'll become very good, indeed.
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I certainly agree with you, EB, and I think a lot of his limitations right now are in that he's in a four-year-old body. Still, I find his playing pretty impressive for a four-year-old.
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Yeah. Another example is his sticking: it's the entirely unbalanced and awkward sticking you see from people that don't play. Just what you'd expect from a 4 year old with limited fine motor skills. That's part of why he can't handle even mildly fast playing. But his sticking is so awful that it's weird and impressive that he's on beat pretty much always—flailing those things about like he does, there's a bunch of uncertainty about when they are actually going to hit something. But he manages it. There's a lot of compensation going on for what his extremely immature body can't do. That seems like mostly brain stuff to me, which I expect shows a very strong aptitude.
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Q: What do you call a guy that hangs out with a bunch of musicians?
A: A drummer.

Igor looks to have promise. But, I hope dear old Dad isn't looking to cash in on the gravy train too soon. Better to keep him private, get proper tutoring, and let him improve for the next, oh, 4-6 years. Then unveil him.

A truly accomplished 10 year old would be more impressive than a 4 year old doing a poor imitation of a metronome.

I hope Igor has a bright future ahead of him.
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