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Look-in was a British TV and comics magazine that featured interviews, crosswords, etc. Of interest to those of us raised raised on 70s and 80s television, there was a wealth of gorgeously-rendered licensed comics material inside. These strips included Buck Rogers in the 25th Century, Space: 1999, and Terrahawks. (Via)
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There goes anything productive I was going to do this weekend... great post!
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Yes, great find. Thank you, beaucoupkevin!
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F**K! OMG! I lived in England from '76-'79, ages 9-12, and this is a TOTAL freaking nostalgia blowout. "The Tomorrow People" was my absolute favorite show back then - seeing some of those faces and names - wow - and Space:1999 - oh man.

Good, good stuff.
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I loved Space:1999 when I was a kid. Thanks for the link!
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Wow, what a total blast from the past. I was in Waterstones a couple of weeks back and they had annuals from equally old issues of, IIRC, Jackie and things like that. It's this kind of thing that, looking back at it now, is just so strange.
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When I was little my sister and I read Smash Hits, but our cousins read Look-in. We found our magazine to be vastly superior, and quietly converted them over time. (Seems Look-in was better earlier on, though - when we were identifying our wee selves with Smash Hits in the mid-80s, Look-in was basically a very poorly written advertisement for TV programmes that happened to be in magazine format, so blatant that a six year old could spot it.)
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-weeps with nostalgia-
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They've even got a Sapphire & Steel comic!

*shrieks with glee*
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I'm sorry, but this is just about the coolest shit ever.
Thanks for making my weekend with a great post.
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Great post! I agree that Smash Hits was the better of the two (much wittier and better-written - Neil Tennant of the Pet
Shop Boys, who is a very urbane man, used to be on the staff). But LookIn was great too.

I wonder if they have any plans to put the comic strip they used to have about the adventures of Five Star up there.
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tiny crocodile:

Smash Hits was better, but it didn't have make Space 1999 interesting! There's a book about the magazine that's out in the UK now and Tennant did the introduction.

Here's where I stop talking about Neil Tennant less I look like a fanboy.
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Lest, too. Dammit.
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Heh! Balor is played by my fiancé's uncle. Yay for Uncle Peter! (Wearing groovy Rudi Gernreich bell-bottoms, too!)
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LOL. You gotta love the internet. I am trying to forget this kind of stuff !!!

I can still picture Kajagoogoo on the cover of the first issue I bought.
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I completely missed out on Look-In because i think I spent all my 20p dinner money on ten Number 10's and a box of matches.

It was too easy to stay awfully skinny back then.
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Heh! Balor is played by my fiancé's uncle.

Really? Excellent. Balor is my favourite super alien ever

(these are two self links to Balor related fan pages)
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Ver hits! Sir Billiam of Idol! It's all too good.

I met Neil Tennant once. We drank champagne, and talked of Janacek and modern architecture. Well, he did. I looked at the ground and tried to think of something interesting to say. And failed. Being star-stricken is an odd experience.
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I once had a letter published in Look-In. It concerned the A-Team, if I recall, and counted as my first ever publication.
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