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Tversity is the swiss army knife of the media servers. Allows to stream music and videos to many devices. Do you want to listen to a podcast on your PSP? And how about browsing Flickr photos on the Xbox 360? It can even be used to stream divx movies on the Xbox 360, converting it on-the-fly to wmv. Too bad it runs only on Windows. [via]
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I installed this on Thanksgiving so the family could watch Casino Royale on the big screen via the 360. It didn't even come close to working after the initial install. A whole lotta hoop jumping later, it seems to be working as advertised.

Got it for the video, keeping it for the ability to listen to internet audio streams while chainsawing Locusts and breeding piñatas.
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Fantastic. Been waiting for something like this to stream to the 360 for a while. Downloading - let's hope it works okay!
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while chainsawing Locusts and breeding piñatas

Glad to see I'm not the only Viva Gears of Piñata War player.
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Stu - I noticed they've released a new version since my install, but I'll tell you the snags I hit, in case they didn't fix them.

1) Doesn't like long folder names, so I had to put my videos in a top-level directory.

2) You need to shut down Windows Media Center Extender if you're running it on that PC.

3) I was finally able to connect from my 360 and browse the videos on the server, but when I tried to play the video, I received a "connection lost" error. Back on the PC, the server had crashed. I fixed this problem by installing Windows Media Player 11.

Other than that, the interface is kinda wonky and it took me a while to figure out how to properly add new directories to the media library. In the end, I used the command-line tool to scan new directories.

Good luck!
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Thanks for that. No joy so far though, despite already having WMP11 on the machine.

I can see the server on the xbox no problems, and a flickr feed works fine. No music though - just get the 'Content not supported' message, even when trying to listen to the internet radio. The inbuilt internet video also says not supported, and any of my own video just crashes the server.

I'll keep trying!
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I looked into TVersity a couple of weeks ago. Thus far, it has failed spectacularly at everything I've thrown at it. This includes local video and music files, as well as Internet audio and video streams. Too bad, since I was hoping for an alternative to Twonky that could handle transcoding, Internet video streams, etc.
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I fixed this problem by installing Windows Media Player 11.

Anything that requires me to install wmp11 is screwed. I ran wmp11 on my laptop for a few weeks and it maxes out at 100% cpu use if you leave it idle. It also starts about 4 or 5 other processes. Unbelievable turd - the beta was actually better than the release.

I'm so happy mediamonkey exists.
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