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Welcome to the amazing world of pop-up books! with videos showing the pop-ups in action. PingMag also featured pop-up books from the 1890s. [via]
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Robert Sabuda's Alice in Wonderland is an absolutely amazing example of the current state of the art of pop-up. Here's his website. Lots of stuff to explore there if you're interested, for example, his international gallery. of pop-up work, a catalog of his own books, and much more.
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Ah, the animated gifs of the gilded age. Good stuff, kirk.

Love the mildly suggestive cropping of that first "rolling eyes while ironing" pic.
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Be sure to check out this previous thread and the websites discussed there: Pop-Up and Movable Books - A Tour and popupbooks.net.
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Virginia Quarterly Review recently featured an exhibition of Thomas Allen's artwork of popups reimagined that popup fans might get a kick out of.

Disclosure: VQR is my employer.
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Sabudo rocks! I love his Wizard of Oz. If you want to make an artsy, sensitive child of 8 or so get really round wonder eyes, get him/her Sabudo's Wizard of Oz. (It lcomes with emerald glasses so cool.)
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I wish I had my pop-up of 4 and 20 blackbirds baked in a pie.
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I remember an anatomy book for children that I saw in London once. You opened it and a large cardboard penis would jump at you.
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I just received an Alfred Hitchcock pop-up book. It features 7 elaborate scenes from his films. It was at Amazon. Unfortunately some of the pop-ups needed a little fiddling before they worked properly.
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