Bikes + GPS + Geeks = MTBGuru
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MTBGuru is a new site that enables bikers, hikers and runners to upload GPS info, along with photos and comments, from their routes that get mashed up with Google Maps to create an ever-expanding trail resource. Mostly Bay Area now but that is changing.
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See also.
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am i the only one who doesn't like the term 'mash up'? cool site, though. i've been looking for a similar thing...
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The thing that worries me about this is that so many trails are illegal, in the sense of built on private land or public land where cycling is not allowed. Often they are tolerated because only a few bikers use them, but uploading trails like this may encourage more people to use them... which leads in turn to the trails being closed, whether for good or bad reasons (liability issues, fear of erosion, pique, whatever).

On the Don Valley trails forum, for example, only the main, city-mandated trail is discussed openly. There is in fact an extensive unmandated trails system but we have a rule that maps and directions are never given out publicly, but are sent by PM or (preferably) people are taken on a ride to show them the 'hidden' trails (which have some extensive built 'features').

In fact, the city knows all about the hidden trails but as far as I can tell tolerates them because the users are responsible (removing dangerous builds, doing extensive trail maintenance, garbage cleanup etc) and they have plausible deniability.
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I created a very similar application last week:

Every time I create something, I read about the exact same thing on MeFi. I think I need better ideas!
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unsane, I can see your point. The only trails I've looked at on the site are pretty well established and public access so far. And I do know of a whole bunch of secret private land trails but I wouldn't upload them to the site precisely because of your concerns.

I checked their FAQ for anything along these lines and there's nothing so I'm not sure how they'd deal with it.
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This is a cool idea.

I sort of sympathise, unsane... but surely there are enough legal trails and paths to make the idea worthwhile.

My ultra-technical riding days are past (well, OK I'm a wienie, I was never a good technical rider) but there are loads of nice fireroads, railtrails and basic rides to see me and my wife into our golden years...
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This is neat! I was out last weekend hiking around and wondering why, with how many folks have GPS now, there isn't a web site that you could upload trails.
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see also:

gmap has a point and click interface that doesnt require gps....
im not sure how the mtb people do it since i didnt register...

in anycase, there are nice published routes, on and off road, at these sites as well, if people are interested.
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It has the worst logo I've seen this month. Looks like it was made in 30 seconds in paint or something.
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