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War Photography Visual insight and more from the photographer Simon Norfolk.
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Norfolk is an inspiring photographer. I saw an exhibition of his a few years ago - he travelled around war torn Afghanistan with a massive large format camera - an incredible feat.

"They're all shot at 4am"

Amazing photography is all about getting up early in the morning. Damn.
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Great stuff, thanks!
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Excellent! Thank you...
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Another thanks.
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He's great. This is one of my favorite shots by him, from Afghanastan.

He gets a little of the same criticism that Sebastiao Salgado does -- making formally beautiful scenes out of devastating surroundings -- but when the end result is that it makes you look, it works. Particularly when (as with the balloon vendor) he captures a bit of culture-transcending humanity.
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And here is his own website.
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Powerful. The staircase at Auschwitz: last steps for how many feet...?

Also see BLDGBLOG's earlier post, Rooms of Algebraic Theology, about Simon Norfolk's supercomputer photos [see his Supercomputers gallery]. More about the godlike MareNostrum computer in the Barcelona Supercomputing Center^, including other Norfolk photos [click for high-res versions.]

BTW, the BCS is looking for a The SysAdmin.
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Norfolk's comment about Roman roads underlying London streets is striking:
Crucially, it needs to be understood that the road system built by the Romans was their highest military technology, their equivalent of the stealth bomber or the Apache helicopter – a technology that allowed a huge empire to be maintained by a relatively small army, that could move quickly and safely along these paved, all-weather roads. It is extraordinary that London, a city that ought to be shaped by Tudor kings, the British Empire, Victorian engineers and modern international Finance, is a city fundamentally drawn, even to this day, by abandoned Roman military hardware.
And here walk all we upon the streets of DARPA...
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