Chris Ware Gallery
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This is the largest gallery of works by the amazingly intricate designer/cartoonist/artist Chris Ware (author of Jimmy Corrigan) that I've ever seen online. However despite its breadth, it does not include his four covers for last month's New Yorker. Ware completists, also enjoy this (previously posted) gallery of Chris Ware papercraft toys.
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thanks for that, his inscription is awesome in context to his amazing design. absolutely no flourish at all, just chris w. 2006 a.d.
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I just had an orgasm.
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Oh I love Chris Ware. If anyone is looking for a good holiday gift, his books are excellent. I gave this one to a friend last year and he loves it.
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When I first saw that New Yorker gallery I almost went apoplectic, until I realized that you can do multiple zoom-ins on each cover.

This is great, jonson. Thanks!
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I've always wanted to make some of the papercarft toys, but a) I would never want to cut up a comic book and b) would undoubtedly read some of it, which would induce a fit of depression and ennui that would leave me bed-ridden and despondant for a month.
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I got his autograph back in 1991 when he wrote a strip for The Daily Texan, the college paper at the University of Texas in Austin. I've always wished I could see reprints of that strip. It was amazing.
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ware is my hero.
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Ware also did the wraparound cover for the "Writers on Writers" issue of Virginia Quarterly Review that we released in October. For the Ware fans, we've posted a ginormous (832k) scan of the cover. He's also contributed a piece to the Winter issue, which comes out in a couple of weeks, but it's actually written, not drawn, about the photography of Charles Burns.

ObviousObDisclosure: I work for VQR.
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Interesting style. I always wonder at the process of creation for unique styles like that...some parts genius, some parts damage, some parts aesthetics....some parts undefinable. Good post!
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Lovely, thanks!
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Awesome, waldo - thanks for the graphic.
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[this is good] thanks.
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If you ever hear that Ware is doing a live appearance or speaking engagement in your area, go. He is the most charmingly self-deprecating artist I've ever heard. Even better, he appears to actually enjoy discussing the more technical aspects of his draftmanship, which is astounding.
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The New Yorker is a weekly magazine.
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This is great!
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I got to see his work at the Milwaukee Art Museum. He was my favorite artist featured there.
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For those interested, I'm slowly compiling a completist's listing of Ware's work here: [Self Link] Acme Novelty Archive.
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