Mandelbrot on Fractals as A Theory of Roughness.
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A talk with Benoît Mandelbrot, entitled Fractals in Science, Engineering and Finance (Roughness and Beauty) [video, 80mins, realplayer] about fractals as A Theory of Roughness.
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A fairly abstract lecture exploring the role of fractals and roughness in nature, math, science, engineering, markets and culture, much more than an exploration of the Mandelbrot set and basic theory. A reasonable amount of mathy parts, be warned.
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Obligatory link to Jonathan Coulton's Mandelbrot Set. (There are swears; headphones advised if at work.)

Lyrics are also available.
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So are sandy visuals, courtesy of Dubuffet.
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For me, this is an absolute must-watch. I was able to see him speak a few weeks ago and it was a really engaging talk. His recent stuff isn't so much math just more cultural commentary.
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Absolutely remarkable. Mandelbrot is a very good speaker, engaging a very wide audience.

However, the theory of roughness is not new in mathematical physics. Kolmogorov already in the 40s and Monin later on defined fluid mechanics and 2-D and geophysical turbulence using self-similarity theory. Unfortunately, cold war politics muffled their contributions until the 70s when probably independently self-similarity was re-discovered in the western world.

Nevertheless, Mandelbrot's talk is very interesting.
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