Grob spike-attack, Santasiere's folly, and the vulture defense
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Chess has a long, if somewhat shrouded, history, with beautiful chess pieces found dating from the 5th century. It has spawned hundreds of fascinating stories, and many interesting names for moves. For the last five decades, the history of chess and computers have been intertwined in many ways. Chess continues to adapt to a new age, with controversies around computer-assisted cheating, attempts to sex-up chess books, thousands of variants, and an amazing online database that can search through recorded games for the last 200 years.
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One of the more physically demanding variants: Chess Boxing.
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There's great potential for an illustrated "Pawn Star" t-shirt.
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Talking about variants, LoveChess (NSFW)
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Thanks for this post, blahblahblah. I always enjoy your contributions. Thanks. I am intrigued by the variants link. I like chess, but I am just an occasional player. The variants look like they are neat, but they intimidate me. I barely have a good grasp on traditional chess!
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The online database has a slew of Marcel Duchamp's games.
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