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Two time-lapse journeys through the Panama Canal.(YouTube)
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A man, a plan, a time-lapse camera, a canal: Panama.
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That came out surprisingly well. With locks everything seems to move in slow motion. Waiting for the lock, opening the vault doors, slowing inching in, raising and lowering. This video proves it's not just impatience!
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A man, a plan, a caaremac espal-emit, a nal: Panama!
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Needs more Van Halen.

I think it's so cool that the Panamanians are investing in expanding the canal with a third set of locks. I really didn't know (until I heard about this a few years ago) that the US did most of the digging for the third set before World War II -- you can actually see the alternate canal route in the gmaps link above. Practically all they have to do is complete the locks.

The canal is naturally central to Panama's entire existence, economy, government, and life and they're very responsible at taking care of it and keeping it pre-eminent. Nicaragua has revived proposals for a sea-level canal, which only reinforces how important it is to Panama.
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It's nice to have a mental image of this. Thanks for the post.
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