A title's pointless. Who wouldn't click on a link called that?
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Architecture and the Velvet Fist of Happiness - click 'view the book" in the top left. {Flash, slight sound, NSFW}
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Great title, true, but the page-turning corner nav won't work in my browser.
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Did you click "view the book" in the top left? The page turner doesn't work on the image on the front page, only when inside the book. Here's inside the book (didn't link to that in the FPP because the front page gave it a tiny bit of context).
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The guy is a bit mental, maybe?

But boy, he sure makes a good looking house.
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Since when are little balloon-based floating penises NSFW?
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I saw a design mock-up of the house they want to build. It's sustainable, but not in the large-scale refugee housing market. Because let's be honest, most refugees can really afford a 1600-sf house made of shipping containers and sheet metal.
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Refugees? Hell, the way it looks, *I* want to live there.
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Also, what is the Leidsche Rijn project they're reffering to? I know Leidsche Rijn is a spanking new suburb of Utrecht, but I can't find anything about the exact structures they're talking about.
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I'm not certain, but I think there might be a big market developing in donor-funded refugee housing. In which case, these might be "affordable" in the sense that someone else was paying for them.
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The architecture is pure genius.

All the rest is crap I don't care about.

I long for the time when you could see Picasso's (or any other artist's) work and know nothing about what a moron he was with his women and children.

I don't want to know about Gehry's or Wright's secret life either.
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