Remember DotComGuy?
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Remember DotComGuy? He lived in his E-cave for a whole year as a promotional stunt to prove anyone could survive without leaving home as long as they had a laptop and a internet connection. Well he did survive and left the cave on January 1 stating he was taking a break from the net. But now he's back with a new website and a new fiancee he met in a chatroom during his virtual imprisonment. Do we call still call it addiction or a way of life now?
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I call it "being a tedious, inconsequential media whore." I tried to be fair and visit his site; the first time, a popup ad stalled the load interminably, and the second, it crashed my browser. What an experience! What a concept! What an asshole!
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One of my wife's few vices is watching "E! Fashion Emergency." She informed me that DotComGuy was on this week getting a makeover along with his fiancee. Curiosity got the better of me and I watched. I will now state for the record that Skot hit the nail on the head with the first line of his post.
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Can we get another headline on MeFi ending in a question mark today?
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Does the website have an area where I can place a bet on what day his fiancee will file for divorce? If so, I'll go visit.
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I remember being sorely disappointed when I learnt that the point of this whole dotcomguy thingy was to show how good and useful e-commerce was.

He had visits from his family and guests, hairdresser and doctors of course, and was allowed into his back yard (!).

I still have the feeling that people often misunderstand this experience as more "psychological" or "sociological" than it actually was.

From the start, it's a big nasty media money thing.
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