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Search the complete works (including 8000 pages of critical commentary) of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, a gift by the Internationale Stiftung Mozarteum on the occasion of his 250th birthday. (German links are also available).
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Results 1 - 10 of about 10,500,000 for quarter note.
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Do I understand correctly that the critical commentary is mostly at the level of correcting the text and not, for example, "this movement's modulation to this remote key was an advance over other concertos"?
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Great find. The critical commentary is in German - but might be useful for research. Once you select a piece of music to view, several tabs appear in the top left corner. "Synopsis" will show the commentary side by side with the score.

The kicker - almost everything (including the scores) is available as .pdfs. Click the "Table of contents" page. The TOC will provide links to generating the pdfs. A little slow on the uptake, but pretty amazing.

Browsing by key or "category" is provides some interesting leads - but you can't search for B major for some reason.
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I don't really have anything substantive to say, but this is pretty damned cool.
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Alas, it largely seems to be giving 404 errors for much of the material.
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Apparently ISM seriously underestimated how much traffic they would get. Hopefully they will either get more servers, or put all of Beethoven's stuff up at some other site to balance the workload. ;-)
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I have yet to receive a single page of PDF.

[This might be good]
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A year ago, by the way, was the 50th anniversary of George Enescu's death. It went by scarcely noticed by the world at large, though if you trim the fat from the two men's ouevres, you end up with a very comparable balance.
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