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Cal Henderson posted this link on superflat artist Chiho Aoshima this morning. With a little research, I found this excellent slideshow. And this, too. Then, I learned about superflat movement founder Takashi Murakami. And then I discovered this superflat commercial anime video.
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For those who haven't clicked any of the links yet:

Not that superflat.
Not that superflat, either.
Not even this superflat, either.
And it ain't this superflat by a longshot.
This is an extreme example of superflat. You'll find a few more in mongonikol's FPP.
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The "commercial anime video" link was thoroughly enjoyable. Better than Cats. Would watch again.
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can't sleep, giant balloon head kitty will eat me...
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Because of the lack of tags, the Phantom Game Console goes to...
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Strange. Oddly enough, the Murakami interview led me to the Tokaimura Accident, which I somehow managed to have never heard of.

Nuclear accidents, Louis Vuitton and anime otaku, oh my!
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Thank you for leading me to this great artist and also Fantastic Plastic Machine (the song on the Vitton video). A P5 fan here but have overlooked other Shibuya-kei artists. Sweet!
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I was wondering who did the awesome music for that video. Now it makes sense. Dude's the bomb.
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