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RavenViewer. The Cornell Lab of Ornithology offers free sound analysis software that allows you to simultaneously listen to and watch spectograms of animal communication, such as the uncanny mimicry of a lovesick Satin Bowerbird or the chilling call of the Common Loon. If birds aren't your bag, there's lots of other animal sounds (and stunning video) to explore.
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Nice find. I'll definitely look into it more at home.
posted by sleepy pete at 12:44 PM on December 13, 2006

Neat! Thanks!
posted by brundlefly at 12:46 PM on December 13, 2006

This is great - thanks!
posted by rtha at 12:49 PM on December 13, 2006

Those are interesting, and not to get all greedy and stuff, but anyone know of similar archives above 96 KBPS?
posted by StickyCarpet at 12:50 PM on December 13, 2006

The seals are my personal faves. Check out Weddell or Bearded seals for some pretty cool fx... or the Hawaiian monk seals if you want your co-workers inquiring about your gastrointestinal health.
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StickyCarpet, there are some larger birdsong files at Nature Songs. For those that are compressed, the site owner, Doug Von Gausig, specifically says that "more exacting sound collectors are encouraged to contact me for larger, unedited and unfiltered versions of these sounds." There is also an array of larger bioacoustic files (of many different kinds of animals) at Avisoft.

Ha, bloomicy -- I'll add a suggestion to play the whale song for your cats, have you any. Extreme mellowness, purring, and affection may follow, if my sample (N = 2) is at all representative.
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My dogs immediately started scanning our Christmas tree
for wrens and became a little agitated when they heard the wolves howling.
posted by MasonDixon at 3:48 PM on December 13, 2006

The audio on the Satin Bowerbird link didn't play for me, so I don't know if it's the same as this, but if not, the video is worth a watch.
posted by quin at 4:22 PM on December 13, 2006

Awesome sounds and site, melissa may. Way cool.

StickyCarpet, is this MeFi link of any help?
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nickyskye! It is so damn good to see you flying through the blue.
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awww shucks melisa may, thanks! :) It's very nice to come and play here too.
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posted by nickyskye at 9:59 PM on December 13, 2006

The cats and dog are totally freaking out at the sound of the loons. Heh, I'm sooo evil.
posted by deborah at 10:34 AM on December 14, 2006

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