As long as that monkey with the barrels doesn't show up we might be ok...
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"Knytt" is a little pixel platform game that has a suprising amount of ambience in it's simple presentation. You play the Knytt, who was abducted by an alien, and is trying to repair the UFO to get home. Also by the same person, Nifflas, is "Within a Deep Forest" which features "...challenging gameplay, beautiful music, an evil doctor, infinite cuteness, and a deep forest." [more inside]
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In case Nifflas' site starts to get hit hard, here's the coral cache for it. He mentions that he had to take down his music as his site was getting increased traffic, so be nice and try the cache first.
Cache for "Knytt."
Cache for "Within a Deep Forest."

Similar to this is "Spud's Quest", an adventure-driven platfomer in which you control a little blue guy to solve a quest for the King. Great big pixels (it seems to default to a 640x480 display) and a happy midi score give it an old-school feel.

Stuck with Knytt or WaDF? Here's the support forums. And here's the cache for those, just in case. There's more info on Nifflas and his games here, and a huge jpg map of the world of Knytt (spoiler warning, of course).
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(for Windows.)
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Ah, forgot to add that - thanks TPAA.
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"Within a deep forest" is one of the best games I've played in a long time. Excellent post.
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downloading now, thanks for the post zack
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Why you should write small games in Flash.
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Excellent - have already spent over an hour in Knytt.
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Cool game!

For another really, really, really good free 2D platformer, please, everyone, now, go and get Cave Story.
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Looks bomb. I like that he name-checks Ico, Shadow of the Colossus and Cave story on the site... means he's got good taste.
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I should've thought of Cave Story - I've finished about 2/3 of it, and it's worth the download.
I've never played Ico, but Shadow of the Colossus is amazing.
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This is a truly amazing game. I like games that aren't boring and yet don't also try to stress the player out.
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That was lovely - finished it in about an hour, really enjoyed the atmospherics and the fast-but-clement feel. Am downloading "Within A Deep Forest" too. Thank you!
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Thanks Zack
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I'm really enjoying Knytt right now and can't wait to check out the rest - thanks for these links!
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Just beat Knytt. That was really fun, the kind of fun exploratory game I like. Any other other recommendations? Even for like SNES etc. I'm familiar with all the ones in this post.
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I got through about 1/4 of Eternal Daughter, and it seemed pretty good, then my harddrive died, so I lost it and my saves. Time to try again. The Underdogs have quite a few platformers, and lots of other games.
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Looking over their entries, Gods got a good review (9.13 out of 10)... going to give that a whirl as well.
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