Kill Dash Nine
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Kill Dash Nine by Monzy, the next big thing in Nerdcore. Wired interviews some of the figures, including the better known MC Plus+ (previously). Monzy's latest clever, well-informed lyrics stand in stark contrast to Weird Al's latest proof that he wouldn't know a geek if he bit one's head off.[1]
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Wtf? How can anyone doing array bounds checking consider themselves hardcore?
posted by delmoi at 4:04 PM on December 14, 2006

Thank you, dmd. Those lyrics were great.
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man dog why you even gotta do a thing delmoi
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Once the terms became associated with obscene amounts of money, 'geek' and 'nerd' were effectively stolen from those of us to whom they apply. Now it's "cool" to be a "geek", where that basically means you spend a lot of time blogging about what actual technical people are doing as though you yourself were involved. Yes Boing Boing I'm looking at you.
Good to see there are people trying to represent properly.
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Scent of a Robot
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I'm not really feeling it. This is fun for CS majors, but I prefer a more inclusive vision of geekdom, and hence much prefer Jonathan Coulton, who focuses more on the emotional side of nerdiness.
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You thought the 7-layer model referred to a burrito.

Nothing goes better on the Application layer than guacamole.
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I have always wondered where MC Paul Barman fits in the world of semi-novelty hip hop like nerdcore, with lyrics like:

Had I made a mockery of a culture, like the Choco Taco? Was I to rap as France was to Morocco? Was I colon rap colon colon France colon Morocco?"

he seems like the humanities version of nerdcore. Of course, he is also capable of some of the most filthy lyrics around.
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> s/dash/minus/


Xenix, Minix, SysV, SunOS, Solaris, FreeBSD, six flavors of Linux, I have never said "dash", never known anyone who said "dash."

Guy's lyrics are clever (and they scan well, many bonus points for that) but I still like Weird Al's too.

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One can be a nerd or involved in the technical side of things without being a programmer or work in IT, nightchrome.

Don't dis Boing Boing, part of their genius is taking the technical and making it make sense for a more mass audience.
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Brilliant. Especially the last verse.
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pine >> thunderbird

Ohh, snap.
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Lazy coder poseur, I got maximum infamy
Coz you're still compiling while I'm coding in assembly
(Z80 y'all)
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oh, burn!

and, pine is just nasty. if you aren't going to enter the mutt era, at least use elm jeez.

all I can say in my defense is that I blame perl...
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export PS1="\[\033[11m\[\033[0;34m\[\332\304\[\033[1;34m\[\304\[\033[0;34m\[(\[
\033[0;36m\[\u@\h\[\033[0;34 m\[)-(\[\033[1;34m\[\`date +\"%a %B %-d %l:%M%P\"`\[\033[0;34m\[)\[\033[1;34m\[\304\[\033 [0;34m\[\304\n\300[\[\033[0;36m\[\w\[033[0;34m\[]:\[\033[0;0m\[ \[\033[10m"
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I promise that looked better in preview
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never known anyone who said "dash."

Huh. I've never known anyone to say minus, myself. dash makes much more sense to me. It's shorter, and, well, minus implies some sort of mathematical meaning, which is not what's meant at all. It's an option, not a number.
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I'll last a mythical man month and you're a one minute man.
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For pleonasm's sake, and because I love saying "kill," I always use:
kill -kill 1337
Where 1337 is my shell, because 1: yes, I am that awesome and 2: why type
when you could do something unnecessary and cool-looking when recalling a command.
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"I'll drop punk-ass bitches like a modem drops packets"

Nice, nice
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Huh. I've never known anyone to say minus, myself.

Ditto. Always heard "dash", always said "dash".

Back on topic... Why the dig at Weird Al? He never claimed to be "nerdcore"... he does parody, and does it very well. Whereas MC Plus+, Frontalot, and others in the "nerdcore" movement are legitimately hip-hop - in form, if not in culture.

Monzy (at least on this track) seems unsure which he is. The lyrics are great, but the presentation definitely comes off as parody. He even talks about this issue on his blog: "There’s also the larger question of whether nerdcore is a parody of hip-hop or an homage... the type of nerdcore that I admire the most has lyrics that are funny in their own right, and not because they mock mainstream rap music." Which seems to me is exactly what "Kill Dash Nine" is doing.
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Ahh, nerdcore. The alleged funny is based on an understanding of hip hop as a neolithic landscape hewed out of machismo and sheer anti-intellectualism. And so the incongruence of lily-white keyboard-thumping is supposed to be good for a foil and a laugh.

Except it's the same joke, every song. And there's plenty of smart rap out there.
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kid ichorous, I'm sorry you don't understand the lyrics, and I'm sorry you seem to feel threatened, but that doesn't give you license to spread your bullshit theories on the style. You're the only one here constructing these dichotomies. Some of us just find it amusing and interesting. If you don't find it interesting, just move on.
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I don't need to hear the tunes. I've lived it.
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Comin' straight outta Stanford, ain't nobody tougher,
Control-X, Control-C, I'll discard your fuckin' buffer.

Dude's using emacs?? Yo, he's frontin'. Monzy's out, now I'm down with MC++. Any real geeksta is on vim, yo.

I been carryin a nerdcore handle for years, yo. M.C. Stay in Skool, kickin out the positive raps to all the middle skool peeps.

(of course, most on metafilter would probably read it as McStayinskool, which reads like some kind of bizarre homage to a McDonald's PR campaign, but if I would have used spaces or punctuation in my handle I would have lost all of my geek cred. And that simply would not do.)
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reads like some kind of bizarre homage to a McDonald's PR campaign

Better than what I heard in my head when I read it - "McStainySkool"
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