Ye Largishe List ov Gods & Spirits
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I want to love the Table of Gods, a list of "4862 gods, godesses, deities, avatars, incarnations, angels, demons and various spirits, and 520 aliases, mispronounciations and generally confusing name variations." There isn't much more than a list of names with short descriptions, but you can search by keyword (say, chthonic), by origin (e.g., Canaan), and by name. The information and presentation are not in the same league as Encyclopedia Mythica, or even Godchecker, but it does list Hanuman.

The listings invite you to add keywords and comments, but unfortunately the feature is broken. You can add either, but they are appended unmoderated to the record for "A", which is consequently a mess. If I've been a good boy this year, this feature will work and be gleaning meaningful user contributions on Christmas morning, and I will get to love the Table of Gods.
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Thanks for sharing this. Nice post.
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What?? I was told there's only one God! Now how do I know if I'm worshipping the correct one?

Thanks a lot, Metafilter.
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Overhead, without any fuss, the stars were going out.
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I believe this list to be biased against sqaumous and rugose entities. Or perhaps just those who are dead and/or dreaming. Once His alarm clock goes off, you can bet Cthulhu's going to be administering spankings all around.
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Won't the stars start winking out - one by one - now.
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We got some people scratching themselves,
a man looking at his eyeballs
up under his shades
and a woman with a poochy ass
who keeps turning around and around
Find the hurt place and don't ever let it heal
Get that fucker hanging on the wall
and tear him loose
The stars are coming out
There is a tv set in a window
it says
"the stars are coming out"
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It might be worth using this thread to point out an amusing habit that I've cultivated over the last couple of years. On occasion, my house is beset by religious folk who feel the burning need to convert me from my heathen ways.

For a while, I politely sent them on their way.

Now, I have a new strategy: I listen to their doctrine, and then explain my own system of salvation. I explain that I am a Luciferian.

"A what?" they will cautiously inquire, "A Luciferian" I will reply with an honest grin.

"Is that like a Satanist?"

I will solemnly shake my head 'No', "I believe that Lucifer is one of God's great tests," I say. His First Angel, His Most Beloved [yeah, I can speak in CAPS, it's a talent] His Most Powerful Among all Angels failed him and revolted? Not likely. "Have you read The Book of Job?" I ask, they nod. Again on familiar ground, "Clearly you can see that He still values the opinions of His fallen Prodigy."

At this point, they aren't sure where I'm going with this, but they are interested.

"So you must understand that God's own will is that eventually Lucifer, his Best Angel will one day repent and 'kneel before God' (They like that.) and be forgiven, because God is nothing, if not forgiving, right?"

"I mean if anyone can be forgiven, can't God's favorite angel?"


Either they leave confused and angry, or ask me where I learned of this.

Here, I like to smile and ask them for a donation.
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And on post; once again my favorite nemesis Astro Zombie has managed to capture in a single line, my feelings on this subject.

Concise bastard.
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When I was in high school or junior high or something, I opened up Photoshop and attempting to make a family tree of the Greek gods using basically every reference I could find.

... It sort of was more of a bush.

Fun, though.
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wikipedia has a list also (no surprise, I guess).
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I myself am not angry over being excluded from this list, for I am a forgiving God.
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WTF? No Gozer?
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Quin, AZ is quoting a short story by Clark, "The 9 Billion Names of God."
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Aren't there somewhere around 3.5 MILLION hindu dieties? Seems like this list is a couple dieties short...
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