Bush and Gore won their respective Iowa primaries.
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Bush and Gore won their respective Iowa primaries. Excuse while I let out an enormous yawn. I was talking about Bill Bradley to a friend the other day, and he thought I was a crackpot. So I dug up the old Select Smart URL, and made him fill out the form. Given his stance on issues, Bill Bradley came up as his first choice too. He went nuts, and said instead of punch cards with names in the voting booth, we should answer questions like the Select Smart site, and submit a vote for the candidate that most matches our stances on issues. Instead of pointless political advertising, candidates' positions on real issues would determine who would vote for them. Wouldn't that be great?
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Even better, do away with the candidates and let people choose policy with something like Select Smart. Okay, that's obviously an exaggeration, but it's a lot closer to the right direction than where we are now, aye?
posted by Sean Meade at 8:42 AM on January 27, 2000

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