On the Road Again
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On the Road Again The first person to take an iPod on a transatlantic flight knew that something special had happened. Today's toys take the traveller to a level that rises as far above the iPod as the iPod rose over the Walkman. How about electronic book readers? Portable lamps to combat seasonal affective disorder? Noise cancelling headphones? With pix, just in case you haven't bought enough stuff yet.
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What's wrong with a good book, a couple of Valium and a few in-flight G'n'Ts?
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Personally, I prefer Xanax. But that's just me. ;)
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This just in, technology continues to progress, and people use technology in all kinds of places. Not just when they're sitting on the can at home!

Holy Pepsi Blue, Batman. A link to a slow-news-day story backed up with some products we can actually buy.
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Hmmm I'd still much rather take an actual book than an ebook reader, so I really can't accept that an ebook reader tops my ipod.
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Hmmm I'd still much rather take an actual book than an ebook reader, so I really can't accept that an ebook reader tops my ipod.

I probably wouldn't want Sony's current ebook reader because I think it's too large and too expensive, but I love carrying ebooks on my Palm or off-brand portable media player.

You get to carry one book. I can carry hundreds. That's actually important to me because I often read multiple books concurrently, and I can also devour an entire 300-400 page novel in a few hours. Especially in ebook format, where the pageturning, bookmarking and reading is easy - even when the display area is a sentence or paragraph at a time.

And since I'd be carrying my Palm or my dinky little media player anyway, I can also choose to carry a paper book. Be it for comfort or battery-less enjoyment or whatever.
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Loquacious, you want vast quantities of searchable information then yes, a palm is better. If you want something to read - which is what most people do - then a book is an unbeatable delivery mechanism.

I imagine at some point, e-books will rival real books. But (and I'm confident any meaningful metric will back me up here) that point is nowhere remotely close.
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related: Fuel for Travel--a kiosk at Schipol (but expanding i think) that sells all sorts of downloads for all sorts of machines.
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Palm/Treo + TCPMP (free) = an awesome personal video/mp3 player with about 8 hours of play time (at least in Treo form -- haven't tested a Palm)

That, plus a book or couple magazines, and you're set.
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