Gorgeous means six bars on your cellphone, always.
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Gorgeous - a spoken word poem by Rives. {via TED Talks}
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I love his phrasing and the way he uses his voice in general. Thanks for that.
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Wow, that's real close to almost being poetry.
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Gnngh. I wanted to hate it. I did not hate it. He's not exactly mediocre but, well, it's just a list poem with perhaps three genuinely striking metaphors that doesn't build towards anything. You could swap the lines around with little or no fall off in meaning. List poems are lazy, lazy, lazy. If you're going to do them, either make them hilarious (this isn't) or make them tell a story (this doesn't).
But (as a performance poet myself) I'm being deliberately tough, even bitchy perhaps. IMHO this is definitely in the upper bracket of performance poetry.
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For a minute there, I was questioning my comprehensive skills. I liked his performance, but I couldn't make heads or tails of what his poem was actually telling me.
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I am beginning to find this place a counter indicator. If the first few comments poop on something then I know it will be good. Even when I am one of the poopers. If there are not a bunch of comment turds then it is probably a an Apple product placement.

Youtube Video of gorgeous
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