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2007 Calendar: It contextualizes every hour, even on a year’s time scale: if someone marks the calendar, then looks back in even as little as an hour, they will be able to see time’s inexorable march. ...a sort of graph paper for personal life.
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Thanks for the link. I love this kind of stuff. Another free calendar generator people may find useful is the 100-years-on-a-single-page calendar. I found the site through an Ask Metafilter thread. I'm planning to take the PDF to a print shop and get it printed on a large piece of paper.
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This looks like quite an interesting product, too: a Map of Science that depicts how "scientific paradigms relate". Maybe worthy of its own FPP -- it might generate enough interest in the project to encourage them to do a print run.
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I've written a C program that'll overlay this with sun rise/set and civil/nautical/astronomical twilights, corrected for daylight savings time; it'll output a dataset capable of being run through a gnuplot script (also included) to produce the graphical output. Email me if interested. Note that the gnuplot script will have to be tweaked slightly to match this calendar's size and orientation.
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I ordered the prints and they just came two days ago. They are fascinating.
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They should have add-ons:

pregnancy wheel
astronomical/astrological data (depending on your bent)
"mood chart"
help build a backstory for characters in a novel, etc

And then perhaps build it up in 3d, a section for each year
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And then the perceptive psychiatrist notices that orthogonality already had this idea not two comments above, indicating that my own narcissism blinded me to what had come before, and said psychiatrist then realizes an analogy to history.
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go out and actually navel gaze

OMG! You have to go out to navel gaze? Looks like I've been doing it wrong all these years...
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Our own ModestyBCatt made a better version of this the last few years, but I don't see one for next year over at his site. It already had what orthogonality's script does, and it was in pretty colors, to boot.
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Here's last year's.
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I don't understand what makes it so special. Would someone enlighten me?
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people are invited to invent their unique, personal visual code

Let me invite you back to give an example or two.
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Articwoman, it makes it a bit easier to view the year as a whole than traditional calendars that over-empahasize the separation between months, I do think Fluffy Kittens did a nicer job with the Lunar Calendar, but they don't seem to have made a 2007 version.
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