Personalized Bobbleheads
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Obviously, it's never too soon to start thinking about ideas for next year's Christmas gifts. How about your own custom-made bobblehead?
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Any idea how much these cost?
posted by Frank Grimes at 10:26 AM on December 26, 2006

Good idea. I'll send them to all my enemies. Then, if I should die this year, they'll open their present and out pops this hideous bobblehead that looks like me from the grave. They'll all be like, man, wish that thing into the cornfield NOW, son.
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If you have to ask how much it costs, you can't afford it (at least not the 250 minimum order).
posted by wendell at 10:52 AM on December 26, 2006

This is entirely standard, and should not be questioned.
posted by weston at 11:07 AM on December 26, 2006

See also personalized action figures.
posted by Hubajube at 11:08 AM on December 26, 2006

A local cardiologist gave out Bobbleheads of himself this year as Christmas gifts. I am dying to know how much this bit of self promotion cost him.
posted by Slarty Bartfast at 12:58 PM on December 26, 2006

The ones at cost $200.
posted by Tambo at 3:44 PM on December 26, 2006

Yeah, right, like you guys don't already have gold-plated bobble-head versions of yourself sitting beside your monitors.

posted by blue_beetle at 5:19 PM on December 26, 2006

How about one that actually has a function instead?
posted by adamgreenfield at 6:52 PM on December 26, 2006

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a friend of mine got one of these after she ran the NYC marathon last month. I think it ran @$80.
posted by Busithoth at 7:15 AM on December 27, 2006

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