Brass and bone sculptures of Jessica Joslin
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Brass and bone sculptures of Jessica Joslin. From the FAQ: "Are they real bones? Some are, some aren't. I will continue to make it as difficult as possible to tell the difference..." Flickr set. [Bumped up a bit from this comment]
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Seen this before, good stuff.

I wonder what the thought process for the artist was.

"Marbles? Check. Wire? Check. Assorted bits of plumbing? Check. Brass doodads? Check. Bleached skeletons of small dead things? Check. Alright, lets make some art!"
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I love bones. I think they are beautiful and aesthetically appealing in their own right. And I like the idea of incorporating them into artwork, or making musical instruments out of them and whatnot. And I do like some of Joslin's pieces (particularly the ones with bird bones), but many of her pieces, I have to say, kinda give me the creeps. Not sure what it is, exactly... maybe it's the glass eyes placed in the skull sockets. Something oddly unsettling about some of these. Of course, the artist herself might be happy to have unsettled me a bit!
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I expected to find her work creepy or gross, but it's actually quite beautiful. Thank you for the link.
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I like these a lot! The bodies look articulate and the faces look animated. Really bewitching.

Here's an art project using bones I've been working on all year.
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Glad you made Jessica Joslin's work a front page post, mediareport. Her art is wonderfully strange, disturbingly alluring.

I like Jessica Jared's MySpace page, good images of her work.

Her story about how she got started doing this kind of artwork: The Story of Happy.

Thumbnails of her work at the Lisa Sette gallery online.

A portrait of Jessica dreaming by her husband, Jared, who connects his homepage with hers.

There's a Flickr set of pics with both Jessica's and Jared's work.

Skeletal images of things with no bones, The Floral Stereoradiographs of Albert G. Richards.

Other fantasy bones art, by Michael Paulus: his funny skeletal systems of cartoon characters.

Some fun sci-fi bone sculptures.
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"`O cruel Death, give three things back,'
Sang a bone upon the shore..."
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Oh my, that's wonderful.
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Just came across this artwork that uses dead animals, thought I'd pop it in this thread. Head On by Cai Guo-Qiang.
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Oh man, I do love me some skeletal objects. This is totally amazingly awesome.
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The story of one of the pieces, "Happy" is really sweet:

"Happy" is the first of the beasts that was made to commemorate a specific pet, using it's actual bones.

Happy was a cranky old dachschund, who had belonged to a couple of my collectors, about 10 years ago.

They found his skeleton while wandering in a vacant lot, where their former home used to be. They had the bones stored in a closet, until they told me about it...

When I began the commission, I asked if the clients had any requests, they said,
"Make something wonderful..."

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