Sorry, it's a bit late, but Merry Christmas
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Do They Know It's Christmas? (MP3) The 1984 plea for Ethiopian famine aid, as performed by the cast of The Venture Bros. Also, Monarch & Dr. Girlfriend cover David Bowie and Bing Crosby(MP3).
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You're totally reminding me of Sixteen Candles and spiky hairdos, dude.
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This is awesome, but sadly too late for my annual Christmas mix. Maybe next year.
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I'm with ColdChef. This is getting archived for next year. Hopefully I'll still be watching it a year from now.

My only complaint is that some parts get jumbled up with characters singing the lines somewhat delayed. I assume thats because the voice actors do multiple characters and they had to be recorded seperately.

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This is cool, thanks!
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Thanks so much for posting this little slice of what I happen to think is one of the sharpest, wittiest shows on television. Go Team Venture!
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Do those people in that ancient culture predating Moses who had lived in harmony with the earth until the Europeans came and messed up everything know about our consumerist bastardization of a religious holiday with questionable origins? Well do they?

Ahem...excuse me.
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Now if we could get Samson and The Monarch's two henchmen doing Silver Bells, we'd be all set.
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It's not late. Their are 12 days of Christmas, starting on Christmas. So it's still Christmas. Merry Christmas!!!
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this is so adorable--and what a testament to the wonderful voice actors and how distinct each character is even without visuals. thanks!
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(Dr. Girlfriend has to be one of the best characters ever!) : >
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I want Dr. Girlfriend to join the Roches in singing "Winter Wonderland."

Also, that needed more Underbheit.

Remember, being out of your box is a privilege, not a right.
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Brock Samson, conspicusously absent? otherwise, this is teh awesomeness.
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I just want to say that it's not too late to deck the halls with bowels of Venture.
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dont forget brock's awesome workout song. Revv Me Up
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Added to my Venture audio collection. Awesome link.

(Also have Revv Me Up and the phone calls from prison...)
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