College Saga - Final Fantasy
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Mark Leung's College Saga (pt 1) (2)(3)(4)(the entire 40 min. youtube) is many things, but it's mostly a massive live action homage to Final Fantasy and having way too much free time at Babson College. Points for tremendous effort. (Related Retrovideogamepopcultery: Collegehumor's Street Fighter: The Later Years.)
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And now for the educational "isn't that interesting!" padding section of this post:

Perhaps you'd enjoy your own Final Fantasy weaponry to haul about campus. Well, there's these replicas from TrueSwords. Neat, if you ever needed to thrown down against a Klingon with a Bat'leth at Dragoncon. But what you really want to get, are the closest approximations to Squall's Gunblade as you can. What you want is the pistol-cutlass, which may or may not have been used by pirate/ninjas in the 16th to 18th century. Here's the closest reproduction I found to George Elgin's original combination weapon patent.
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(and yes, College Saga is a lot like Chapelle's Grand Theft Auto sketch. Like I said, points for effort.)
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The concept is pretty funny, although I'm not sure I'm going to watch all of them.
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I almost liked it, but after seeing a guy in a Darth Vader helmet doing the Napoleon Dynamite dance moves in a Vote For Pedro t-shirt, the wannabe viral celebrity vibe was too sickening and I had to turn it off. Sort of like trying to watch "New Numa".
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yay, Stan Chin is in da hizzouse!
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Maybe I'm a total dork. (Maybe.)

But that was about the funniest thing I've seen in months.
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[This is good.]
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I'll be honest, I thought this was going to be retarded, but I ended up watching it in its entirety and was thoroughly amused.
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this is good yo
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Leave it to MetaFilter Gold Star Winner Stan (the Crimson) Chin to find something that very nearly justifies the existence of YouTube posts. Bravisimo!
at least Stan came back without having to add a middle initial
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That was amazing.
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That was pretty damn funny if one's ever played a Final Fantasy game, but I bet it's hilarious if you actually know those people.

Reminds me of Crisis Wolverine, the FF game that takes place at University of Michigan.
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Man, chocobo rides are way overpriced.
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I though this was going to be stupid, too, but I find it amusing (though not laugh-out-loud) even though I know nothing about Final Fantasy or Babson College. Very good.
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I too expected this to suck, but based on my deep respect for the poster, I felt obliged to give it a chance. I can see that was the right choice, because these are pretty damn brilliant.

[And I have wanted a pistol-cutlass ever since seeing one in a museum many years ago]
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The ending is a bit weak, but these are FUNNY, especially if you're a Final Fantasy geek. Very, very good post.
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I couldn't watch the whole thing, but they do nail it pretty well. I like the NPCs and their unchanging dialog.

Also -- dude! Stan Chin's back!
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It's like FFVIII, with a main character who talks!
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