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Tomorrow's stars today If I had a hammer podcast. School children all over the world are creating original podcasts. They make for fascinating and fun listening.
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Now you can get into broadcasting from an early age, so embarassing clips from celebritys' pasts will be more copious for future low-budget entertainment shows.

Remember when you used to do your own shows by recording your friends on tape and playing them back for your (almost limitless) amusement? Now children can do the same with potential for a global audience!

Also children might learn that they can have their opinions heard and therefore be more likely to actively engage in democracy.

Whatever happens, there are some fantastic regional accents to enjoy!

I have focused on the younger end of the school podcaster age-group. There are plenty of others to hear.
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Great post!
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nice post. yes and yes.
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I am so jealous of the kids of today. I would have loved podcasting as a nine year old.
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Back in my day, we did the same thing! Only we used cassette tapes and tape recorders! And we didn't broadcast to nobody 'cept ourselves and our friends! We called 'em radio shows, not podcasts or whatever you danged kids say these days. Lousy kids and your lawn-walking and internet shennanigans....

But yeah... I would've loved to have this technology when I was their age. Great post (if for the accents alone)!
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I wonder if any schools are addressing the copyright and/or licensing issues involved in podcasting.

I've heard of a few schools that keep them on intranets because of copyrighted music, but I've also heard a few middle school podcasts with kids playing what I assume is copyrighted music and I'm wondering if their schools ever adress the "legal implications."??
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