Clever Print Ads from Around the Globe
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Sandeep Makam is an advertising copywriter who lives in India - his Blog is called twenty-four, and it's devoted to displaying the most interesting global print advertising he runs across. A couple of my favorites so far include this Red Cross spot for the ongoing victims of Chernobyl (click on the images to get the full size), and this great bit of typographic fun. More favorites listed inside. Similar, previously.
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I tried to read it, but after the 600th image downloaded on the first page i gave up.
posted by a. at 11:35 PM on December 31, 2006

Those are some great ads. I really love creativity and intelligence in advertising. It really can be an artform. Now we just need an old lady screaming "stop cooking with cheese!"
posted by arcticwoman at 12:01 AM on January 1, 2007

Great to see creative from around the world and yeah, ads can be simple and smart. Fav: book your tickets online.
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Looks like you really like adblogs johnson. You might dig this link-directory/list of 246 advertising blogs, some with lots of pictures of ads, some with more of the bloggers thoughts and words about ads, and plenty in between. Knock yourself out. ;) full disclosure, yeah that links directory is part of my ownadvertising blog, I'm currently weeding it for dead links.
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derail: wow johnson, we have really similar usernumbers, funny.
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Cool find jonson, thanks. I really like the visuals and ads on his site.
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(sorry about that "h", twice.)
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