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Polite Dissent rings in the new year with the best and worst in comic book medicine from 2006. While this entertaining blog's subjects are not limited to four color minutiae, it is the source of some of the most entertaining posts. Please to enjoy Flatlining, Hippocrates, Originitis, and the scourge of a generation, Metal-Eating Disease!
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I also love Polite Dissent's reviews of House. Great explanations and analyses of the medicine.
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That House guide is fantastic.

Of the rest, my highlight was the bit referring to paracetamol when the writer should've used tylenol.
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"Please Note: Xenografting is not to be confused with Xenagrafting, which is the transplantation of tissues or organs from the Warrior Princess onto normal people."

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Polite Scott is one of my favorite comics bloggers because he has a specific mission in mind, instead of just freaking out over every marketing decision DC and Marvel do like ther est of us.
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... and he cured my techno-organic virus!
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